Reports abound that the blue-blooded Monaco couple will now have separate private lives and appear together in public only for formal reasons, on official occasions.

Although Princess Charlene spent the summer with Alberto and their 8-year-old twins, vacationing on a luxury yacht, the 45-year-old princess did not return to the palace but now lives in Switzerland, according to French and German media reports.

In fact, the princess meets her husband only by appointment.

A source close to the couple told French newspaper Voici that Charlene and Albert are just a “ceremonial couple”.

In addition, the princess has promised to return to Monaco for official occasions while being allowed to see her children more often.

Another source told Bild that Albertus and Charlene are now “good partners and take turns taking care of their children.”

Following reports that she is now living in Switzerland, Princess Charlene of Monaco has taken down her Instagram account – a search for her old account @hshprincesscharlene returns no results. Instead, a message says: “Sorry, this page is not available.”

Charlene spent 10 months away from Monaco and her husband when she went to her native South Africa for what was supposed to be a month-long trip.

Rumors about her health at the time spoke of anorexia nervosa and she herself in her last photos looked – apart from sad – almost bony.

After her return to the principality in March, Alberto claimed she was “unwell” and would enter a clinic for treatment – without elaborating.

In recent months Charlene has made some public appearances visibly changed – but always unsmiling and sad – and in March appeared in Milan without her wedding ring and engagement ring.

The bride who tried to run away

During the week before the wedding in July 2011, Charlene tried three times to sneak out of Monaco – unsuccessfully. The last time she was stopped by Monaco Police at Nice International Airport while the palace called these stories ugly rumours, “born of jealousy”.

The couple were initially married in a civil wedding on 1 July 2011 in the throne room of the Prince’s Palace and the following day, 2 July, the religious wedding took place in the presence of around 3,500 people.

Charlene was radiant in her white wedding dress but the sadness and tears at her wedding made global headlines. In fact, after the wedding, reports said that Albert and Charlene stayed in different hotels on their honeymoon.