Carolina Ferraz says she flirted with Gianecchini, but it didn’t move forward: ‘He was kind of with Claudia Raia’


Carolina Ferraz has always been discreet about her love life. Current presenter of the Domingo Espetacular program on Record, she surprised her fans by revealing a crush she had with Reynaldo Gianecchini. The involvement between the two occurred shortly after the end of the actor’s marriage to journalist Marília Gabriela, in 2006.

At that time, Carolina was seen at dinner with the heartthrob, but the relationship would not have progressed. “We only had dinner,” she explained during an interview with Theorapia podcast, hosted by Theodoro Cochrane, youngest son of Marília Gabriela. “Did you get involved with Giane right after he separated from my mother?” asked the presenter.

Carolina was direct in her response: “Almost. We, almost. There was a day when a paparazzo caught us at a dinner (laughs). But nothing happened. Deep down, he was a friend with whom I had a connection , you know? A guy I like and I’m very fond of, but there was never anything more. We never had a relationship”

Carolina even said that, at the time, she thought that Reynaldo Gianecchini might be in a relationship with a co-worker: “He’s a very good person, a good guy and I really like him. He’s a lively, happy guy. But I I think he was involved with Claudia Raia”, he commented.

“I’ve heard that rumor too”, reacted Marília Gabriela’s son. Shortly after, the actress added: “I don’t know if it’s true or not. I never asked. But it’s a shame, because, deep down, he was a friend with whom there was an attraction, and it never evolved into something more”, he lamented.

Source: Folha

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