The Town: Sasha Meneghel says he likes to exchange with Xuxa fans at the festival


Victor Moreno

Sasha Meneghel, 25, and her husband João Figueiredo, 24, attended The Town, this Sunday (3), in São Paulo. The couple was looking forward to seeing the performance of the American singer Bruno Mars, who is the main attraction of the night.

Xuxa’s daughter says she is not bothered by the harassment of her mother’s fans, who see her as a form of connection with the presenter. “I think it’s a special moment to have a nice exchange with the people who accompany us, who admire us”, she says. “It’s time for us to meet people physically, whether we like it or not.”

The young woman says that the recent Globoplay documentary, which revisited her mother’s entire trajectory, did not surprise her, as she already knew most of the stories. However, she says she was shocked to see it all on the small screen. About the affection and care that her mother had with her since childhood, Sasha says she didn’t need the documentary to know: “I always knew, I always felt”.

Sasha says she never wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a children’s presenter, but says she is not closed to the possibilities. “I never say never,” she asserts. “But, now, I am very focused on opening my brand”, says the designer, who anticipates that her own brand should arrive in 2024.

Source: Folha

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