Faye Skordas returns to more renewed than ever, with a new title, new time and new team, the Monday, September 11!

As soon as the hands of the clock show 11:50 is “Fay’s time”! Our own Fai comes to keep us company every day, with a great mood, rich agenda and many surprises! Every day at the same time we will do “Fay’s time” and we will all become a group!

At Faie’s side will be O Lambros Constantaras with his caustic humor, h Maria Fragaki and the Marji Lazarou with their apt comments, o Alexandros Katsaridis with a rich television report and of course, the “old man” of the group Angelos Vourakis which will inform us about what is happening in the news.

From day one… the whole gang will be there to welcome special guests, comment on topics and interviews worth talking about, break down exclusive news that will pique our interest, and introduce us to new columns that capture everything that’s happening in the artistic and television field.

And because, it may not seem like it… but we are “foodies”, the “guru” of cooking, Dimitris Skarmoutsoswill be there daily with his wonderful recipes!

At the helm of the editorial board will be Angeliki Giannakopoulou and in the direction, o Fotis Vlachogiannis.

Appointment 11/09 at 11:50 for “Fay΄s time”!

Faye Scorda