The Town: On stage, Ludmilla suggests that the audience resort to loan sharks and then corrects: ‘Better at Itaú’


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In her performance on the third day of The Town, this Thursday (7), singer Ludmilla went back on one of the lines she made on stage. When talking about the Numanice ship, she jokingly suggested that fans ask moneylenders for money “to pay from here to there”. Later, still on stage, Ludmilla corrected: “About Numanice, I already know. A better place for you to get money is at Itaú, ok?”

Banco Itaú is one of the sponsors of the festival and also has a commercial partnership with the singer. On the internet, fans suggested that she would have taken an “ear pull” from the production and needed to correct the line about getting money from a loan shark.

To the F5, Pedro Smith, manager of social networks and content at Itaú Unibanco, says that Ludmilla’s action was spontaneous, not planned. “We have a relationship with our partners that is very organic. We didn’t necessarily agree that she needed to speak on stage, because we give that space to the artist. It’s up to her to speak or not. And she did in the most reverent way, as it is, of commenting on Numanice, that the bank could be an option for people to get tickets.”

Asked if there was a “scolding” by Itaú at the point of communication with Ludmilla during the show, Smith denies it. “No, we really have zero interference in the artistic part. The show was thought of by her, and Lud is a very creative artist. She spoke in her own way, which I think is very important too. Everything she said there on stage helps people. In the end, she managed to correct it and I think that comes a lot from this organic contact that we have been exchanging.”

Itaú’s social media manager says that Ludmilla’s speech was super positive. “She made people aware, she said at the end ‘go to the bank if you want to buy a ticket'”.

Source: Folha

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