The Town: Dora Figueiredo comments on controversy over renovation and says she dreams of getting out of rent


Luisa Monte

After being one of the most talked about subjects on the Brazilian internet this week, influencer and youtuber Dora Figueiredo was this Thursday (7) at The Town to see Ludmilla’s show, who is said to be a “superfan”. In an interview with F5she comments on the discussions that arose on social networks after reporting having had to return the rented apartment that she renovated during the pandemic.

Dora completely changed a 35m² property, as she tells in a sequence of videos published on her social networks, and had to return it to the owner after the rent price increased a lot. “Definitely the idea of ​​renovating a rented apartment was one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had in my life”, she says in an excerpt from one of the videos.

To the F5, the youtuber says that she is already in another apartment, also rented, and she is happy. “I’ll probably have to move again, but renting is just like that,” she reveals. “I never had my own apartment. I will one day.”

Dora confirms that having a property is her dream. “Everyone dreams of having that place where you won’t leave if the rent goes up. Maybe in the future I’ll do a new project… But then it’ll be with my own money, I won’t even get involved with barter” , complements.

O F5 contacted Doma Arquitetura, the office responsible for designing Dora’s apartment, and did not receive a response until this Thursday night (7).

Source: Folha

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