Driver who ran over Kayky Brito gains 150,000 followers and raises R$ 200,000 in crowdfunding


Gabriel Vaquer

Driver Diones Coelho da Silva, who ran over actor Kayky Brito last Saturday (2), went viral on social media and has managed to get back on his feet. The crowdfunding made to raise the value of repairing your car has already reached almost R$ 200 thousand. He also went on to gain Instagram followers and admirers.

Until the last update of the report, the cow raised R$ 175 thousand. The initial goal was just R$30,000. The crowdfunding has not yet been closed and new supporters can still help.

In addition, Kayky Brito’s family contacted Diones and stated that they will help him in some way for having helped him.

Finally, the application 99, which provides rides, which had blocked Diones da Silva from working, announced that it had unlocked his account. “He had been removed because of the investigations, but he has returned,” said 99.

To the police, Diones da Silva said he was surprised in the accident. Investigations point out that the case is an accident – the driver’s examination reported that there was no alcoholic beverage intake and the passenger who was in the car said that Coelho was not driving at high speed,

The case is still being investigated by the 16th PD in Rio. Kayky is in serious but stable condition at the Copa D’or hospital, in Leblon, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Folha

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