Life is often unpredictable and full of challenges. It looks like an interesting journey, full of beautiful images, but also critical moments. One day may find you flying in the clouds and another swimming in a stormy sea. Difficulties are an integral part of life. However, this does not mean that you should be taken down. Prepare properly, train yourself so that you can face whatever comes your way.

How; Your Coffee Break has put together ten strategies that will help you prepare for everything and ultimately create an exciting journey.

#1. The power of positive thinking

Coelho once wrote a line that was destined to spark an eternal feud between optimists and pessimists: “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to get you there.” As graphic as it sounds, I suggest you give it a try. If you truly believe that you can face whatever comes your way and face every challenge with this attitude to life, you are very likely to succeed. And not necessarily because the universe will conspire, but because the positivity with which you face obstacles will give you enormous impetus and strength of soul to overcome them.

Build a way of thinking and reacting, ready to adapt to the needs of any situation. Cultivate the ability to react calmly to any demand and find solutions to problems. Thus, you make a conscious choice: You will not allow anything to scare you and you will face everything with courage and determination! So positive thinking. Trust me, it makes a difference.

#2. Set realistic goals

Setting achievable goals is the key to achieving big ambitions in life. Think about where you want to go, what your destination is, and break that long, challenging journey into smaller, achievable steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t treat big goals as something you’ll see happen overnight, because you’ll be disappointed.

Instead, focus on the small, daily victories that bring you one step closer to achieving the big vision. These small triumphs will act as a driving force to keep going, especially on difficult days, reminding you not to give up. Stay true to your goal and path and little by little you will see your dreams come true.

#3. Embrace every opportunity to learn

Knowledge is power. Constantly learning new things broadens your horizons and prepares you to deal more effectively with whatever comes your way. Continuous learning is like upgrading your internal software, it facilitates your adaptation to new situations. Read books, listen to podcasts, search for information on topics that interest you, go out into the world and absorb all the information it has to offer. The more you learn, the better equipped you are. So start this endless learning journey!

#4. Create a safety net

Smart people are open to challenges, but also properly prepared. They strive for the best, but are prepared for the worst. A safety net will give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to pursue your dreams without fear of what will happen if something goes wrong. This safety net has many facets. It can be financial or emotional.

In any case, it should be durable enough to support you in difficult times, but also flexible enough to not exclude you from the opportunities that will arise along the way. You know very well what I mean.

#5. Pay attention to your health

It is probably unnecessary to tell you that the most important asset you have in your luggage is health. It is important to take care of your body and soul every day, through the choices you make. Age doesn’t matter. Choose to eat healthy and exercise regularly, do not skip routine examinations and visits to specialists when you feel that something is not right.

Take care to rest, relieve yourself of everyday stress and fill your life with things that bring you joy. By achieving inner peace and outer strength, you ensure the necessary supplies to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

#6. Build strong relationships

No one can live alone in this life. Man is by nature a social being, as Aristotle said. We all need others. We love bringing our worlds together and sharing our lives. And this is not a weakness. Cultivating strong relationships with family, friends and community, a sense of belonging, provides invaluable support systems and enables us to face even the most difficult times with dignity and resilience. Pay attention to the people around you, devote time and energy to them, build real, deep, meaningful relationships.

Thus, you will create a living shelter, in which you can “hide” in the rain, but also shine in the bright days. And most importantly: You will share love, the strongest feeling in life.

#7. Embrace the change

Most of us are uncomfortable with change, even if our reality is not what we would like it to be. There is a safety in knowing the ground you are treading on. Change is like having your light turned off. You have to take steps forward, without knowing where you are going. But since I’ve never met anyone whose life was truly ideal, I advise you to take the plunge, however bold it may seem.

The worst that can happen to you is to make a few mistakes, learn from them and move forward stronger@. However, the best can happen to you: Opening a door that will bring you closer to your goals and dreams. And I assure you: The feeling you get when that happens is priceless.

#8. The virtue of gratitude

It may sound graphic to you, but you should literally be grateful to open your eyes every morning. Look at what is happening around you: Disasters, poverty, misery everywhere. It doesn’t mean that car you want to buy or that life journey you want to take isn’t important. But in the meantime, make sure you appreciate everything you have every day. Focus on what you have already achieved and not on what you lack.

Nothing is a fact. By paying attention to the small, everyday things, you will learn to be happy all the time and not just when you achieve a difficult goal. Gratitude is an attitude of life and will fill your days with joy and harmony.

#9. Do financial planning

For better or worse, today’s reality is described by the saying “Money makes the world go round”. Let’s be honest: Yes, there are much more important and meaningful things in the world, but the phrase “money does not bring happiness” is not entirely true. A prudent financial plan can give you not only enough money, but also the ability to feel secure, but also able to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Many of the finer things in life come at a cost. Not necessarily much, but they do cost. And the better you handle it, the more experiences you will be able to offer yourself. See it as a life investment. As exciting and adventurous as it may seem to live your life on the edge, at the end of the day, you seek comfort and safety. So, make sure you have secured it before starting the adventure.

#10. Always have a plan B

“The good boy knows another path,” says the wise people, and they are absolutely right. For every move you make, it’s important to have a backup plan prepared. Not because you are pessimistic and think you will fail, but because you want to stay focused on your goal and plan different paths to ensure you reach it.

An alternative plan gives you the freedom to take measurable risks without worrying that everything will fall apart if something goes wrong. Keep your options open and adjust your plans if necessary. Success is about being able to maneuver and not just survive.

Life is the most beautiful adventure. And remember: It’s good to look to the top, but don’t forget to enjoy the in-between.

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