Kayky Brito begins respiratory and motor rehabilitation, says new medical bulletin


Gabriel Vaquer

Actor Kayky Brito, 34, began work to rehabilitate his breathing and movements. This is according to Copa D’or hospital, which released a new medical bulletin this Thursday (14). His health status remains stable and without the need for medical aids.

“Copa D’Or Hospital informs that patient Kayky Fernandes Brito is stable and will continue to be under intensive care. At this time, undergoing respiratory and motor rehabilitation”, says the note, signed by doctors Edno Wallace, Ney Pecegueiro and Marcelo London.

Last Wednesday (13), Sthefany Brito, Kayky’s sister, announced that he still needed intensive care, but was showing signs of recovery. The actress made a point of adding emojis of thanks and faith to highlight the progressive improvement in the actor’s health.

Kayky has been admitted to Copa D’Or Hospital, in Copacabana, in the south of Rio, for ten days. The actor was run over while crossing one of the lanes on the edge of Barra da Tijuca, west of the city, on September 2, and suffered head trauma and multiple fractures throughout his body from the impact of the car. He was accompanied by Bruno de Luca when he suffered the accident.

In a statement to the police, the presenter stated that he heard the noise of the impact, but not that of braking or that of a person being thrown into the air. Bruno said he learned that the person hit by the car was Kayky the next day.

Source: Folha

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