A Fazenda 15: Gretchen threatens to sue anyone who associates her name with Jenny Miranda


Since the list of participants in A Fazenda 15 came out, Gretchen, 64, has been arguing with followers on social media about Jenny Miranda. The singer denies being the influencer’s mother and threatens to sue anyone who associates her name with that of the participant in the current edition of Record’s reality show.

Gretchen released a legal note this Friday (15). The statement says that it is “untrue” to define Jenny as Gretchen’s “daughter” or “ex-daughter”, since they have no blood relationship. Jenny is Bia’s mother, who finished second in the last edition of the attraction led by Adriane Galisteu.

“Ms. Jenifer Ferracini Vaz had already been notified extrajudicially in 2022 to refrain from using and/or propagating the name of Mrs. Maria Odete Brito de Miranda de Souza (Gretchen) and her family members surnamed Miranda, especially, stating that she is a ‘daughter’ or ‘ex-daughter'”, says the statement.

For the singer’s legal team, as Jenny is also a public figure, “the use of such terms or charges could cause severe damage to the image of Gretchen and her real family” and highlights “If such nominations are used, [filha e ex-filha] remain, legal measures will be adopted to prevent such actions.”

When publishing the note on her Instagram profile, Gretchen added: “To whom it may concern. Taking action in time.”

Source: Folha

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