“The Pantheons” open the chapter of their lives on the TV screen of SKAI, tonight at 21.00.

In the heart of the family nestles a great secret… A curse that does not fade with time… Illegal loves that acrobat between light and darkness… Hidden truths, and family quarrels…

The series, inspired by the award-winning book of the same name by Tasos Athanasiadis, under the modern directorial approach of Spyros Michalopoulos and with an excellent cast of actors following the script by Gianna Kanellopoulou and Angelos Hassapoglou, premieres tonight and promises to give us intense moments , compelling performances, a strong plot and a cinema-standard score.

In the 1st episode, tonight at 21.00:

The doctor Andreas Pantheos (Emilios Cheilakis), has just returned from his honeymoon with his wife, Marble (Melia Kreiling), but which the rest of the Pantheon family has rejected with the consequence that no one attends their wedding.

The patriarch of the family, Vlasis Pantheos (George Konstantinou), but shortly before taking his last breath he will ask to meet his son’s wife, he will accept her, giving his blessing but at the same time he will also do something else that will surprise everyone.

He will disown his wife and mother of their six children, Nenawho also passed away a few years ago.

Secrets from the past will come to haunt the Pantheon family and new acquaintances will begin to unravel a strange tangle in the fate of key family members.

And in the mourning atmosphere that follows the death of Vlasis Pantheos, a suspicious, menacing figure moves through the streets of Athens…

They star: Katia Dandoulaki (Chrysostomi Pantheos), Emilios Chilakis (Andreas Pantheos), Melia Krailing (Marmo Pantheos), Michalis Sarantis (Kitsos Galatis), Nikos Hatzopoulos (Isidoros Pantheos), Thanasis Kourlampas (Fanis Pantheos), Maria Kallimani (Despina Galatis), Penelope Pitsouli (Ilaria), Cora Karvouni (Nina Augustakis), Spyros Stamoulis (Stathis Monogios), Michalis Syriopoulos (Yiannis Marmaris), Elena Topalidou (Teacher), Athena Maximou (Meropi Monogiou), Costas Fillipoglou (Iordanis Vallidis), Pantelis Dentakis ( Loukas Augustakis), Smaragda Adamopoulou (Matoula Gana), Christina Alexanian (Veta Pantheou), Eleni Karakasis (Sevasti), Alexandros Moukanos (Chrysinas), Isabella Baltsavia (Pella Gana), Vicky Diamantopoulou (Thaleia Monogiou), Konstantinos Gavalas (Telis Valerios) , Kostas Kontaratos (Panagis), Eva Simatou (Sofia Stratigou), Areti Tili (Aleka Vallidis), Ifigenia Karamitrou (Liana Pantheou), Giannis Katsimihas (Thomas Pantheos), Thanasis Isidorou (Stefanos Chrysinas), Konstantinos Elmazioglou (Ilias Gazis), Giannis Itsios (Dimitris), Vallia Papadakis (Urania)

In the role of Vlasis Pantheos, Giorgos Konstantinou

Screenplay: Gianna Kanellopoulou
Screenplay: Angelos Hassapoglou
Script Consultant: Spiliopoulos H.V.
Directed by: Spyros Michalopoulos
Director of Photography: Dionysis Lampiris
Director of Photography: Antonis Kounellas
Costume designer: Konstantinos Zamanis
Set designer: Antonis Chalkias
Production Organization: Thodoris Kontos


Watch a highlight clip from tonight’s episode: