New week, new cooking contests on his set “My mom cooks better than yours.” THE Markos Seferlis welcomes the winners of the previous two episodes and a new couple who have come to win.

Watch the trailer:

Dia and her daughter Marthena have stood out with their dishes in the two previous episodes and have won 2,000 euros so far. This time, Dia will have her daughter Marthena cook a traditional Sunday recipe “lemonade chicken with baby potatoes”. Marthena, having gained experience now, gives her best to impress him Hector Bottrini.

Opposite them, two Pontian cousins, Victoria and Diana. Diana’s cooking skills may be… basic, but she will attempt to cook a difficult Spanish dish with Victoria’s guidance. Will he be able to collect the 18 ingredients he needs for “paella alla tango”?

Victoria Diana

For Hector Bottrini, taste counts but the result is judged in the details. To whom will he give the 1,000 euros of today’s episode?