Ivan Baron files a bulletin against Léo Lins and promises legal action after allegedly ableist video


Julio Boll

Influencer Ivan Baron says he will open a lawsuit against comedian Léo Lins. In a post on social media, this Monday (18), he states that he was a victim of ableism on the part of the comedian during a recent stand-up show. To the F5Baron confirms that he registered a police report for insulting the comedian, and that he will formalize the process soon.

In the excerpt that went viral on social media, Léo Lins talks about the choice of people who walked up the ramp for Lula’s inauguration in January, one of which was Baron. To describe the influencer, Lins supposedly uses his mannerisms.

“Watching the content it was impossible not to suffer, remembering several triggers that I had to go through during the entire process of accepting my disability (cerebral palsy) and I felt, once again, humiliated by a person who is not afraid of the consequences that the supposed ‘joke’ ‘ can cause in other people’s lives”, says Baron, in an excerpt from his outburst published on Instagram.

To F5, Baron says that he did not receive any type of contact from Lins after the repercussions of his publication on social media. “I believe that nothing I say or teach him will have any effect after the various attitudes he has had regarding his work in offending minorities, including people with disabilities and myself,” he says.

Even so, the influencer says he is happy with the return of his followers, who demonstrate how he is not alone. “There are many people who can no longer stand to see ableism being something common and want justice.”

Léo Lins was contacted by F5 and did not return until the publication of this report.

Source: Folha

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