A Fazenda 15: who are the 10 Paiol participants, competing for four places in the reality show?


Fazenda 15 announced, on Monday night (18), the 10 Paiol participants. The group will be confined in a different space within the reality show and compete for four official spots on the program. The names were released and opened to a popular vote by Record.

Before starting the dynamic, Adriane Galisteu received the 18 pedestrians already confirmed in A Fazenda 15, revealed last week. The first video of the day showed them all entering the mansion they will be living in for the next few months. “My God, what a dream,” said Cariúcha, as he entered the house’s garden.

All 18 players were able to follow the live entrance of the Paiol participants. See who they are:

  • Alicia Xsinger, sister of MC Daniel and influencer of Kwai
  • Cezar Blackex-BBB 23
  • Eric Ricartejournalist and actor
  • Igor Freitasinfluencer and former participant of De Férias com o Ex
  • J.P. VenanciosKwai influencer
  • Lumena Hallelujahex-BBB 21
  • Nadja Pessoainfluencer and businesswoman;
  • Shayanparticipant of A Fazenda 14 and Blind Wedding
  • Sun of DebocheKwai influencer
  • Whendy Tavaresinfluencer

    Voting is open on the R7 website. Votes will be received until Thursday (21), during the live program, which will announce the four chosen by the public to enter A Fazenda 15.

Source: Folha

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