1. Hauser: The rock star of the cello at the historic Lycabettus Theatre

The “bad” child – and founding member – of the musical duo 2Cellos, known simply as Hauser, will visit Athens as part of his “Rebel with a Cello” tour for two concerts at the Lycabettus Municipal Theatre, inaugurating the reopening of historical theater in the most “subversive” musical way. And while the indomitable, romantic musician presents in his concerts his popular musical works that everyone knows and loves, his tour also includes a third act – rock and rhythmic retro with modern sounds – dance tracks from the solo album entitled, The Player.

Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20/9 at 21:00
Lycabettus Theatre, Lycabettus Hill

2. Evanthia Reboutsika presents “Mediterranean Women” at Herodion

The multi-awarded composer and musician Evanthia Reboutsika together with her musical ensemble, welcome five leading voices of the Mediterranean and present together at Irodeion a completely new, impressive and always traveling program, based on her own music and songs. Specifically, Evanthia Reboutsika on the stage of Herodei will present us five exquisite voices of the world, such as Gülseven Medar in Turkish, Ana Alcaide in Spanish, Mor Karbasi in Hebrew, Mira Wagih in Arabic and Souad Massi in French, who is also one of the most iconic voices of world music worldwide. The songs to be performed have been written in five different languages ​​by great and acclaimed lyricists.

Tuesday 19/9 at 21:00
Herod Atticus Conservatory, Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens

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