Tatá Werneck and Blogueirinha exchange barbs about their programs: ‘It doesn’t even appear that much in the soap opera’


An unexpected dispute involving Tatá Werneck and influencer Blogueirinha shook social media this Tuesday (19). The disagreement gained prominence after the two engaged in a heated exchange of barbs on Twitter, with one commenting on the other’s interview invitations.

The controversy began when a follower left a comment on a post by Tatá Werneck, suggesting that he would like to see her on the program “De Frente com Blogueirinha”. The comedian, known for her participation on TV Globo, responded in a good-humored way, saying: “Me too, but I think it’s easier for her to go to Lady [Night] rather, because I’m not a person entitled to time off from doing soap operas. Only Sunday is Cacá’s holy day”, referring to the free time he dedicates to his daughter, Clara Maria.

However, Tatá Werneck’s response did not go unnoticed by Blogueirinha, who reacted with a direct criticism: “No, Talita W. Arguelhes, it’s not easier. I don’t work less than you, I don’t have many days off either, I post all day, feed content, stories, tiktok, and to be quite honest, you don’t even appear that much in the soap opera, it’s more on Saturday, but I’m willing to go.”

The online clash continued when Tatá, visibly uncomfortable, retorted: “And if you have time to go to Google to see my name, you have time to go to Globo to check yours.”

Source: Folha

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