After the previous day the sypermodels of the 90s – Linda, Cindy and Naomi – talked about the difficulties in life and her bright career, it was the turn of an… Angel. Heidi Klum has revealed the obstacles she faced at the start of her career and why she never made it into the ‘company of 6’.

It all started when in 1992 Heidi Klum took part in a beauty contest in her home country, Germany. Today after three decades she is a mother of four and continues to conquer the catwalks and make magazine covers and advertising campaigns.

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As she explains in an interview with People’s StyleWatch, she had to forge her own path because she was never one of the top models of the era.

“I was never in the group of really great supermodels at the time,” Klum says. “I remember going to Paris and trying on all these dresses. I could never fit into them. And I was thin, but the other models were even thinner. So I never got those jobs.”

It was also, perhaps, too happy to model as they informed her.

“I can’t help but smile!” he says today laughing and continues. “All the things I originally wanted to do, I didn’t manage to do. So I looked for things I could do. I’ve always seen my career as a house, where you don’t just need the front door to enter. I always said, “Okay, they don’t want me here for the fashion. I will go to other different parts of the world“”.

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And the moment came when she posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a swimsuit in 1998.

“The phone call telling me I was on the cover was like winning $20 million in the lottery…it was a big springboard for me to take the next step, an angel in a way,” he noted while for the 13 years of cooperation with a famous underwear brand, she said that she is very proud and grateful to have chosen her.