A Fazenda 15: participants choose hero and villain of the season (so far); see how the dynamics were


Who is the villain and who is the hero in A Fazenda 15? This was the proposal for this Monday’s (25th) dynamic held on Record’s reality show. Complete with a flowing cape and a villain mask, the participants presented their favorites for each position, according to everyone’s behavior since the beginning of the season.

Lucas Souza and Jaquelline Grohalski were seen as the biggest villains of A Fazenda 15 so far. Among the “good guys”, the majority of pedestrians nominated Radamés Furlan and Márcia Fu.

The atmosphere heated up at the end, when Souza named Cariúcha as the villain. “We have friction with my ex-wife out there, I don’t want to know anymore,” he said. “It doesn’t matter, you needed a coach to get here,” replied the singer.

To end the day, Radamés and Henrique were drawn into a ballot box and won R$5,000 each.

Below, see how each of the pedestrians voted:

  • Yuri Meirelles: Tonzão (hero) and Jaquelline Grohalski (villain);
  • Nathália Valente: Kamila Simioni (hero) and Jaquelline Grohalski (villain);
  • Márcia Fu: Radamés Furlan (hero) and Rachel Sheherazade (villain);
  • Shayan: Márcia Fu (hero) and Tonzão Chagas (villain);
  • Cezar Black: Alicia X (hero) and Jaquelline Grohalski (villain);
  • Nadja Pessoa: Kally Fonseca (hero) and Shayan (villain);
  • Kamila Simioni: Márcia Fu (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • André Gonçalves: Rachel Sheherazade (hero) and Darlan Cunha (villain);
  • WL Guimarães: Tonzão Chagas (hero) and André Gonçalves (villain);
  • Cariúcha: Kamila Simioni (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • Henrique Martins: Radamés Furlan (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • Sander Mecca: Radamés Furlan (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • Radamés Furlan: Sander Mecca (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • Alicia X: Cezar Black (hero) and Lily Nobre (villain);
  • Kally Fonseca: Jaquelline Grohalski (hero) and Darlan Cunha (villain);
  • Jaquelline Grohalski: Kally Fonseca (hero) and Sander Mecca (villain);
  • Rachel Sheherazade: André Gonçalves (hero) and Jenny Miranda (villain);
  • Tonzão Chagas: WL (hero) and Shayan (villain)
  • Lily Nobre: ​​Cariúcha (hero) and Rachel Sheherazade (villain)
  • Darlan Cunha: Lily Nobre (hero) and André Gonçalves (villain);
  • Jenny Miranda: Kamila Simioni (hero) and Lucas Souza (villain);
  • Lucas Souza: Kally Fonseca (hero) and Cariúcha (villain);

Source: Folha

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