‘I really like sex, today it is a choice to prostitute myself’, says Andressa Urach


Andressa Urach stated that the return to prostitution was a suggestion from her eldest son, Arthur. The model said that the decision was made at a time of financial crisis after giving up suing the Universal Church to recover an amount of R$2 million.

“I only came back because I said ‘I’m going to start over’. When you need it, no one knocks on your house asking if you need water, electricity, food. And Arthur said: ‘Why don’t you go back to working with what you did in the past? beginning?’. Everything we achieved was through prostitution.”

Questioned by Luciana Gimenez on Super Pop, on RedeTV! If I would work for something else receiving the same amount, Andressa said: “I really like sex, today it is a choice to prostitute myself. Instead of going to a club and being with people for free, I work with this, I am with handsome men and I earn money.”

The model also said that she does everything thinking about her children’s future. The youngest is called Leon, 2, and is the result of a brief relationship with Thiago Lopes, who has custody of the child.

“Maybe he will only understand me when he is of age, he is having a great upbringing from my ex-husband and my ex-mother-in-law. Maybe he misjudges me, like many people, but I think time heals everything.”

Source: Folha

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