Tony Iommi, the guitar wizard of Black Sabbath made a surprise appearance. The founding member of the legendary group when one of the cultural organizations of his city, honors his life’s work, could not be absent.

At the Theater Royal, Birmingham the premiere of the show took place “Black Sabbath: The Ballet”in honor of the band that may be the English city’s greatest cultural gift to the world, and Tony Iommi surprised the crowd by joining the orchestra.

In 2020, Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta became the new artistic director of Birmingham Theater Royal. Acosta was looking for an idea that would help sell tickets in Birmingham and attract people’s attention. So, he came up with a ballet performance to the music of Black Sabbath. Acosta met with Tony Iommi, who was initially skeptical but impressed with the passion of the choreographer and former dancer.

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At the show’s premiere, at the Birmingham Hippodrome, the guitarist was Iommi himself. The guitarist took to the stage and played the Black Sabbath anthem ‘Paranoid’ surrounded by dancers.

Earlier this year, Tony Iommi stated that the show helped him see the band’s music in a whole new light.