The publishing Greek participation in the four international book fairs, the 41st Liber International Book Fair, in Madrid, the 75th International Book Fair, in Frankfurt, the 42nd International Book Fair in Sarza, and the 37th Guadalajara International Book Fair, with which the last quarter of 2023, is higher than ever.

With a multi-dimensional program, specially designed informative material and communication strategy, but also with a special emphasis on the redesign of the National Stands, the promotion of Greek book production will work more effectively than in the past.

It is noted that this is the first time that Greece participates in the Sarza and Guadalajara Book Fairs.

In more detail:

At the National Pavilion of Greece fa total of 23 publishers, cultural organizations and institutions are hosted, presenting more than 350 publications in Greek. Books translated into other languages ​​published with the support of the Greeklit program will also be presented.

At the 41st Liber International Book Fair of Madrids (Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 October) the writers and critics Dimitris Angelis, Marigo Alexopoulou, Popi Aroniada, Ilias Kafaoglou, Christos Kythreotis, the political cartoonist and comic creator Soloup (Antonis Nikolopoulos) and the essayist and literary critic Vangelis Chatzivasiliou will take part. and the translators José Antonio Moreno Jurado and Francisco Javier Moral Arévalo. Spanish and Spanish-speaking writers, academics, directors of cultural institutions, festivals and foreign publishers participate in the Program of Greek events.

At the 75th DEB Frankfurt (Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 October) the authors Aristidis Antonas, Christos Asteriou, Nikos Davvetas, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Makis Tsitas and Elena Houzouri, the critic and essayist Elisavet Kotzias, the manager of Romiosini publications, the translator Kostas Kosmas and the translator Mikaela participate. Prinzinger (Michaela Prinzinger).

This year, around 50 publishers, cultural organizations and institutions participate in the National Pavilion. More than 360 editions in Greek and other languages ​​will be shown.

At the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair (November 1 to 12), the writers Minos Efstathiadis, Christos Chrysopoulos, the writer and translator Persa Koumoutsi and the translator Khaled Raouf have been invited. A total of 24 publishers, cultural organizations and institutions participate in the National Pavilion. Approximately 180 publications in Greek and other languages ​​will be displayed.

In the 37th Guadalajara International Book Fair (Wednesday, November 25 to Sunday, December 3), Greece participates in the Pavilion of the European Union, “Guest of Honor”, with the writers Kallia Papadakis, Ersis Sotiropoulou, Nikos Chrysos, the professor and writer Nikos Bakunakis and the president of the Spanish Society of Young Greeks Studies, director of the Center for Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies of the University of Granada, author and translator Moschos Morfakidis-Fylaktos. In the bookstore that will operate, in the EU stand, in collaboration with the University of Guadalajara, 30 Greek publications (2018-2023) translated into Spanish are available, as well as the books of the invited authors.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Guadalajara exhibition, in collaboration with the curator of the organization of the EU stand, includes, events for the work of the participating authors, the Spanish translations of the two Anthologies of the State Prizes (volume I. Short Story-Novel and volume II . Poetry, YPPO 2020) as well as the new edition of the YPPO, “Hellenic World, 14th-19th century. Ideas-Facts-Letters’.

In the context of the tribute to Maria Callas, but also of modern Greek cinema, “Medea” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, (European cinema), cultural life and in particular, Greek book production and the translation program Greeklit will be shown. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will at the meeting of the European Directors of Letters, as well as of the international translation support programs, etc.

At the international book fairs in Madrid, Frankfurt, Sarza and Guadalajara, the program includes presentations of the participating Greek authors and thematic discussions with their foreign peers, poetry evenings with readings of works by Greek and foreign authors, events for the dedicated albums of Antonis Samarakis (Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2020), Iakovou Campanelli (Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2022) and Alkis Zei (under publication), which were published in the context of the celebration of the “literary years” but also meetings with representatives and professionals of the international publishing world, etc.

At the Madrid, Frankfurt and Guadalajara Exhibitions, a large digital exhibition on the history of the Greek language entitled “The culture of speech, 3500 years of the history of the Greek language” will be presented in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies of the University of Granada.