A Fazenda 15: Record makes a live statement about Yuri’s speech and the model continues in the reality show


Record officially commented on Yuri Meirelles’ allegedly homophobic statements in A Fazenda 15 (Record). On Wednesday night (4), before talking to the house, Adriane Galisteu called the VT of the day, showing everything that happened during and after the farm this Tuesday (3). The participant continues in the game.

The controversy began when Tonzão Chagas confronted Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband, after a comment made to Sander Mecca. Yuri and Darlan Cunha also got involved in the fight and headed towards Lucas. During the clash, the model allegedly mocked Lucas’ gestures while he exchanged shouts with Darlan, insinuating that he had a weak attitude. “It’s a cocksucker,” said Yuri.

After hearing the comment, Tonzão and WL Guimarães were shocked and reprimanded the model. “What is it? Not like that!”, said Tonzão. “Pay attention to what you’re saying, I already gave you the vision,” WL added, expressing his disappointment.

Adriane then called the conversation live with the house. “Before continuing with the program, I want to give a message to everyone: we made it clear that, if necessary, we would talk about harassment, homophobia and racism. I speak on behalf of the management. Last night, there was a pedestrian speech with a homophobic content. No We are warning only because it is a national network. We have to take it into our lives, at home, at work, wherever. It is past time for homophobia or other LGBTphobia to end once and for all. To end it once and for all, it depends on all of us. No there may be space for this in Brazil and in the world (…) So, let each one of us be the force of transformation so that this ends once and for all. This goes for any type of discrimination. I don’t even need to remember that it is crime, and insistence can lead to expulsion from the program”, she concluded, without giving any type of penalty.

The pedestrians applauded Adriane’s speech and the program continued, without any further mention of what had happened.

Source: Folha

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