The special beauty, the cultural reserve, but also the numerous options they offer to their visitors Samos, Chios and Lesvos, captured its state television crew Polish TVPfound in the area from September 20th to October 1st.

The press trip was organized by the EOT Service of Poland with the cooperation of the North Aegean Region and with the aim of promoting these islands, which are less known to Polish travelers, in the highly successful show “Dancing with the world”. The specific program is broadcast on both Polish and Lithuanian television, presenting the culture, cuisine, history and folklore of the selected destinations and urging viewers to visit them.

The Polish crew, accompanied by the head of the EOT Service, Niki Nikolopoulou, recorded in their reports the natural wealth and the picturesque towns of these islands, their beaches and the possibilities for water sports, the museums and archaeological sites, the medieval castles and churches, tourist infrastructure, Greek music, local dances, folk art and local gastronomy, while extolling the unique character of Greek hospitality.

The North-East Aegean Islands show will be broadcast at the end of October 2023 and in repeats from January 2024, on TVP main channel, TVP Woman, TVP Entertainment, TVP streaming, as well as TVP Wilno (Lithuania ), while it is estimated that a total of 4.2 million viewers will watch it.