American star Jason Derulo is accused of sexual harassment with a lawsuit filed against him by singer Emma Gibson.

According to Emma Gibson, Derulo ended their relationship after denying his sexual intentions.

Ms. Gibson told NBC News that the experience was traumatic for her.

Derulo denied the claims, calling them “completely false and damaging”.

Gibson, 25, filed her complaint against Derulo, 34, on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, saying he “maliciously promised her success and then denied her the opportunity.”

She alleges sexual harassment, breach of contract and bullying and violence, among other allegations.

I am at this point in my life right now, it is very heartbreakingshe said in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday. “I’m stressed, I’ve been injured, I’ve faced inhumane work situations. I’m back to square one and I have nothing.”

In court documents, Ms Gibson says Derulo offered her a contract with his company Future History in August 2021 and they began working together in November.

However, she claims that the singer repeatedly pressured her to have sex with him and that there was an “express request for sex in exchange for success”.

In a statement posted on his Instagram account, Derulo said: “I stand against all forms of harassment and remain committed to supporting people pursuing their dreams.”

He added: “I try to live my life with a positive impact, so I am deeply offended by these defamatory claims».