The towering and ‘dark’ Cologne Cathedral is one of Europe’s most recognizable and imposing cathedrals – some even liken it to Barcelona’s famous ‘Sagrada Familia’ due to its size and grandeur.

It is located just 200 meters from the Rhine, in the northern part of the former Roman city walls, next to Cologne Central Station, the Ludwig Museum and the Romano-Germanic Museum and is Germany’s biggest attraction.

Kölner Dom is one of the largest and most famous buildings Gothic style worldwide while in 1996 it was declared by Unesco World Heritage Site.


The church is Roman Catholic with the patron saint Peter the Apostle. He’s got height 157.38 meters and is the second highest church in Germany after Ulm Minster (161.53 meters).

Plus it is the third tallest temple in the world– in fact, until 1884 it was the tallest building in the world. Especially at night, when the Cathedral is illuminated, it is awe-inspiring.

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The huge surface of the western facade has, together with the two towers, an area of ​​7100 sq.m. and is still unsurpassed.

The interior of the temple is equally imposing due to its size and architecture.

“Magnificent” is also the time it took to build the temple.

The foundation stone was laid on August 15, 1248, while the presbytery was inaugurated in 1322. The cathedral was built gradually until about 1520. It then remained unfinished until the 19th century. Finally, in 1880, after more than 600 years, it was completed according to the original Gothic plans.