The new satirical cartoon series has caused reactions from Greek expatriates, Krapopoliswhich premiered on American television Fox networkon September 24.

After the screening of the first three episodes of the series, which is set in ancient Greece and has strong influences from mythology, the expatriate organization AHEPA requested that its production be stopped.

In a letter to Fox, the president of AHEPA, Savvas Tsivikos asked to stop the series and emphasized among other things: “We consider the series derogatory to the contribution of the ancient Greeks to Western civilization».

These contributions, which also include the arts, architecture, and sciences—and the ideals, which include the concept of democracy and the right of self-government, inspired academics, playwrights, and scientists—and revolutionaries, including our nation’s founders, throughout the centuries“, the president of AHEPA then adds.

The series presents the story of a troubled family, which consists of humans, gods and monsters. It centers on Tyrannisplayed by British comedian Richard Ayoade.

Tyrannis dreams of uniting Krapopolis with the neighboring cities to form an empire, but he lacks the resources to do so. Therefore, he will have to rely on his family and their strengths.

Tyrannis is constantly in competition with his half-siblings. Stupendous (Pam Murphy) is a goofy, muscle-bound Cyclops who lives to fight and kill. Hippocampus (Duncan Trussell) moves around in a wheelchair with wheels and has a glass globe on his head. The genius and socially awkward, Hippocampus is the brains of the family.

Behind “Krapopolis” is the writer and producer, Dan Harmonwho is one of the creators of Netflix’s highly successful satirical animated series, Rick and Morty.