Luisa Mell sets up task force to help Brazilians with pets in Israel


Animal activist Luisa Mell took to social media to ask for help from followers who know Brazilians trapped in the war in Israel and who are unable to return to Brazil with their pets.

According to her, there is direct contact between her and the Israeli government so that these people can board with their pets, but more information is needed so that they can get a flight back home.

“I’m in contact with the Israeli government, I need to know if there are Brazilians who are unable to board with their pets. If you know anyone there, I need it quickly,” said Luisa, who is Jewish.

Many of them have disembarked in Brazil on FAB (Brazilian Air Force) flights, but there are those who try to take commercial flights. “I need the flight number, name, pet size and date to pass on to an activist who is in contact with me. She even has kidnapped relatives and still tries to help me,” she said.

The first group of Brazilians repatriated from Israel arrived in Brasília in the early hours of Wednesday (11) and brought reports of panic, but expressed relief at having returned home safely.

The FAB (Brazilian Air Force) flight repatriated 211 citizens who requested help from the Brazilian government to leave Israel after the attacks by the terrorist group Hamas last Saturday (7) — the Middle Eastern country is now going through the most serious conflict in decades.

Source: Folha

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