The new episode of “My Style Rocks» in SKAI was once again full of style and fashion suggestions. However, there were moments of tension, but also outbursts.

The competitive part started with the appearance of Denise, who attended the October 28th parade.

Among the ratings, that of Christina stood out, who put two on her teammate, which caused an intense confrontation between them. As Deni pointed out, Christina always seeks to spoil her grade, and she also accused her of wanting to “steal” her time and make an impression. On the other hand, Christina characteristically answered her: “Oh baby kitty”, and recalled the old “glorious” moments of Ramona Vladis.

The appearance of Mortasia, who was going to a film festival, caused particular tension on the set. Specifically, Dionysia said that the set chosen by her teammate is not convenient for the place she is going, while she emphasized that she will have to drop 15 years in age to be able to agree with her. In the dispute between the two, Georgia and Christina then entered and the tones rose with the central theme being the score and the alliances between some players.

On the other hand, it made an impression concept of Christianna to Katerina Karavatou.

In particular, the player’s lover bought her a convertible because she was feeling sad.

As the presenter humorously mentioned, something like this has never happened to her! Not thrilled with it though concept it wasn’t deni. “I would put 5 if Marigoula was holding a pitcher and went to the village for a casting”, he said characteristically when facing Christianna’s appearance.

After the competition, Amanda couldn’t hold back her tears and burst into tears when Dimitris Skoulos asked her if she was okay. She mentioned that she has been particularly stressed with the ratings and the skirmishes between the players. The judge, however, pointed out to her that she should not alter her character and should remain the “Amanda who has stolen the impressions”. “I love that you say what you think,” Sofia Hatzipanteli said to Amanda, with the player replying that as she is much older, she always advises her to speak up.

The competition was closed with the final score and the winner was Dionysia, who collected the highest score of the day, going with her ensemble to teach the proper management of social media. In addition to the positive comments, of course, she also received negative criticism from Mortasia, who pointed out that her appearance is not suitable for teaching, as it will disorient her audience.