On the “Pallas” stagethe choreographer Stefania Sotiropoulou rehearses with the actors in the dance scenes and her director “Millionaire” vBernard Shaw, Yannis Kakleas, retires to the foyer. Probably, it is also the only break in his day, since another of his productions will soon premiere, the Shakespearean “Twelfth Night” at the Basement of the Art Theater – where he first entered as a student, “a 19-year-old kid” as he emphasizes.

He is, without a doubt, one of the most hardworking and versatile directors of his generation. Only this year three repetitions are added to his new directions: O “Misanthrope” in Emporikon, “The Accidental Death of an Anarchist” in “Gloria” and “The Inspector” at KTHBE. He will react, however, when the discussion comes to the tag of the “commercial” director.

I give interviews on TV and they ask me about Seferlis and Dano. We have 200 theaters in the city and we don’t have a single theatrical show. You understand, that is, that we, theater artists, exist in society illegally, clandestinely. We exist in another Athens, the nocturnal, political, erotic Athens and we probably represent it. So that’s why I disagree with calling it commercial, since I’m actually locked in a burrow“, he protests.

– Does a left-wing person who doesn’t deal with art feel homeless?

In the transitional period in which we live, even the term leftist ideology or leftist payment has lost its meaning. There may be other words that I do not possess that will speak of solidarity and social orientation. If anyone today wants to be called a leftist – I’m not sure if I am anymore – they must be guided by Marxist ideas. How to be a leftist without being a Marxist? Otherwise, we’re all Lefties. Even Kyriakos Mitsotakis tends to be leftist. But the deep desires of an artist spring from the mood for rupture, revolution, for changing the world. We still have these alive within us, regardless of whether we do not witness them. Because we live in a condition so oppressive, barbaric and inhuman that you can’t help but scream. We, however, do not shout, we raise Dario Fo. And neither can we claim to be left-wing in general, we have to be perpetually revolutionary in order to have the right to create. We do not serve a political party, but a utopia. And utopia must guide us. Only in this sense, the claim of “I am a Leftist” is correct – because otherwise it is a m….ia.

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