In recent years, people are increasingly turning to dark tourism (aka dark tourism). There are many stories of restless spirits and ghosts appearing as soon as the light disappears. All this, of course, can only be in the realm of imagination of all those involved in dark tourism, but maybe not. And it is certain that we will never know!

So, I found some of the most famous dark spots and sights of Greece, to live a different dark tourism travel experience. Find out below!

  • Spinalonga – The island of lepers, Crete

It is a place that was identified more than anything else with leprosy, a disease that killed hundreds of patients. In 1903, in order to contain the incurable disease, the Venetian fortress was converted into a leper asylum, and a year later it began to receive the first leprosy patients.

There was no treatment for leprosy then, so Spinalonga was the place that those who went knew very well that they would never return to their previous lives. Thus a micro-society was created with functional – as far as possible – people, who tried with vigor to live in a settlement that they had equipped with everything.

Walking through the stone alleys, you will discover the adventures and the dark and at the same time fascinating history of the people back then. You will enter the stone houses, you will go to the old school and finally you will visit the museum of Spinalonga, where you will find many facts and photos of life there.

  • The hidden tunnels of Leros

In Leros you will find hidden secrets and interesting monuments. Starting from the War Museum in the Merikia Tunnel, you will feel awe and horror when you hear the deafening war sirens coming from the loudspeakers.

Through the exhibits, the personal items and the uniforms of the soldiers, the Battle of Leros that took place in Lakki will come to life in front of you. A few kilometers away, you will find the peculiar building of the Parabolic Audio Mirror, which used to warn the military of any air raid. Some locals claim that screams and war sirens can be heard there to this day.

  • Kaveria Mysteria, Samothrace

If you visit Samothrace for dark tourism, you must start your exploration from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. This is the place of worship and performance of the Kaverian Mysteries, where you will see traces of the ancient religion of the Kaverians.

Before you leave the island, go see the impressive pedestals and the enchanting waterfall of Fonias, where according to legend the topakas live, some mythical creatures that have under their protection the forest and the pedestals of the island.

  • The Devil’s Island, Gyaros

The island of Gyaros is visited by fans of “dark tourism” to see the prison buildings, which were built by political prisoners. Once you reach Thanatonisi, you will see with your own eyes the cruelty around every corner. You will see tufts of prisoners’ hair stuck between the stones and cramped cells with no air and little light. A human hell with iron doors and rat tracks.

Seeing all this you will feel horror, sadness and anger, while when you pass by the cemetery of Gyaros, you will not be able to hold your emotion, for the countless human souls that were tortured.

  • British Hospital, Corfu

The British Hospital in the Old Fortress of the historic center of Corfu is among the most famous places for dark tourism in Greece. During the First World War it was used by the British to transport some wounded. In 1940, the administration of the hospital was taken over by the Greek army stationed in Corfu. The following year, when the island was handed over to the Italians, it was used as a military hospital and headquarters for the occupying forces, while the backyard was used as an execution ground.

In some Italian records of the time, it is said that in some wards of the hospital, suspects and members of resistance organizations were tortured. In fact, in a room located on the ground floor, there is a hole in the floor that leads to a small basement, where it is believed that the bodies of those who did not survive the torture were dumped.

In the German bombing of September 14, the hospital burned to the ground, killing almost everyone inside. Today, as locals report, many have heard sounds of dragging chains and screams, while also seeing shadows piercing the walls. Apart from these, there are also testimonies of the sounds of gunshots, speeches and cries, while others see the scene of the “execution” unfolding in front of them in the backyard of the hospital.