Wesley Safadão vents about the show and holds back crying: ‘It makes you want to run off the stage’


Singer Wesley Safadão used social media this Sunday (15) to vent about his mental health and his return to the stage. After performing in João Pessoa (PB) on Saturday (14), he thanked his fans, said that there are moments of “some crises and agonies”, but that he is trying to do his best.

“I was here reflecting a little and thanking God, because every week of work that we manage to complete is a victory. I just publish for you here the ‘everything is fine, everything is fine’. In fact, behind the cameras, There are some low moments, some crises, some agonies. But you can be sure that I’ve been trying to do my best, especially when I’m on stage”, he began.

The artist thanked the audience in João Pessoa in what he called a “wonderful” event. He said, however, that it was not one of his best stage performances. “If they asked me: ‘so, Safadão, how was it for you?’. Deep down, I know that I’ve done better shows, better deliveries.”

“I’ve been trying, according to my conditions, to do my best. I’m even breathing here so I don’t…”, he said, with teary eyes and a choked voice. “I always want to give you my best, but anyway, it’s too crazy.”

“I don’t think I’m being very clear. I’m a bit bad at crying. But what I want to say, João Pessoa, is thank you very much for everything”, he added. “I know I’ve made better deliveries, but I’m doing my best according to what I can and the conditions that exist. [sic]. Yesterday, at some moments during the show, it felt like agony, I wanted to run off the stage, but God is good and leaves me standing there to endure until the commitment is completed.”

Safadão returned to the stage less than a month ago, after being away to treat anxiety attacks. In an interview with Fantástico (Globo), he had said he was “mentally exhausted”.

Source: Folha

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