Stormy developments in the SKAI series “The Pantheons”.

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Episode 20 – Tuesday 17 October 2023

Kitsos (M. Sarantis) insists on his decision to return to Paris and explains to Marmo (M. Kreiling) that the reason is that he is in love with her and cannot stay here any longer.

Marmo is surprised by Kitsu’s love confession. He returns home and develops a fever from the tension. Andreas (A. Chilakis) is worried about her health but Sevasti (E. Karakasis) reassures him that she will take care of her.

At the same time, Stathis (S. Stamoulis) confirms the unpleasant news about Dimitris (G. Itsios).

The ship was wrecked and he was lost. Now he has to find a way to tell Thalia (V. Diamantopoulou).

Chrysostomi (K. Dandoulaki) receives an alarming phone call from the hospital where Aunt Kali (M. Aliferi) is staying and quickly runs with Despina (M. Kallimani) to find out what’s going on.

Marianna (K. Kefaloudi) is determined to talk to Veta (H. Alexanian) and tell her that she is having an affair with her husband, Fanis (Th. Kourlambas).


Marmo gathers all her courage and decides to make one last attempt to convince Kitso not to leave…