British actor Oliver Dench he says that the events and themes dealt with in the drama series Hotel Portofino set in the 1920s, they’re still surprisingly relevant in 2023.

The romantic series also explores family dynamics, divisions based on social class and race, gender roles, crime, corruption, fascism and political intrigue.

The character played by Oliver Dench struggles in a failed marriage, completely estranged from his father and extremely close to his mother, who runs the luxury resort on the Italian Riviera, the Hotel Portofino.

They’re just two people who shouldn’t get married, who are clearly not in love with each other. The first time we see them in the second cycle, they are doing everything they can to get along“, said the actor in an interview with the “Boston Herald” newspaper.

The character he plays in the series suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the First World War. “He has night terrors. I always interpreted it as a very serious depression,” he said, noting that he finds the mental health element of his role interesting.