After being expelled from A Fazenda, Rachel Sheherazade evaluates the fight with Jenny: ‘I couldn’t lower my head to tyranny’


Rachel Sheherazade was expelled from A Fazenda 15 and spoke, live on R7, about her conduct against Jenny Miranda. In conversation with presenter Lucas Selfie, the journalist made it clear that she was not bothered by her stance in discussions with the influencer and stated that she wanted a fair game within the reality show.

“I don’t regret [de ter recusado a fazer a função ordenada pela fazendeira Jenny]! I couldn’t lower my head to Jenny’s tyranny, animals don’t deserve it and she couldn’t use animals as a manipulation of power”, said Rachel. “I thought she was trying to punish me and I rebelled against her tyranny… She did me a lot of harm, she ended my dream, my children’s dreams. I forgive what she did. But I won’t forget.”

Outside the reality show, she says she was scared by the number of followers she had accumulated – as of this Friday (20), she had more than 3.8 million on Instagram. “The public liked me…I wanted to play a fair, loyal game, in which the winner displayed values ​​worthy of Brazilian society, and not spectacle for the sake of spectacle, aggression. I wanted this edition of A Fazenda to choose this great hero,” he said.

Regarding her participation in the program as a whole, Rachel sought to fulfill her dream of owning her own home. At the same time, she wanted to be with the public again. “And the challenge, because I decided that this year I was going to say yes to life.”

Source: Folha

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