Maria Lina says she doesn’t know the reason for the breakup with Whindersson: ‘I forgave’


Digital influencer Maria Lina Deggan, 23, was on the debut episode of VacaCast, a podcast by actress Evelyn Regly, 38, and commented on the loss of her son João Miguel and the breakup with comedian Whindersson Nunes, 27, who, according to her, is an unknown to this day.

“Very difficult because whoever wanted [terminar o relacionamento] it was him. We went through a really big bump, so I’d rather not try to find out why,” the engineering student began. “He’s a person who has his problems, I have mine.”

Deggan went on to say that only she and Whindersson know what really happened in their relationship, which began in November 2020. “I don’t know what caused it, it’s a mixture of a lot. I don’t judge him, I’ve forgiven him, because love is it,” she added.

She also said that the period of losing her son, who was born 22 weeks premature, was extremely difficult. “He [Whindersson] It’s nothing to blame, but anyway, losing my son’s father too [foi difícil]. I didn’t want to get up, I didn’t want to work. Sometimes I missed my son, and I only spent 30 hours with him,” she said.

At the end of 2021, in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Deggan had already revealed that it was Whindersson who wanted to put an end to the relationship. “It wasn’t my choice. It wouldn’t have happened for me. It was months of a lot of suffering, right? First I lost my son, and then the person who was by my side, João Miguel’s father, who chose to leave my life” , said at the time.

In the conversation, she also said that despite the breakup, the relationship between the two remains good. “We have a connection for life, which is our son. I have a lot of respect and affection for him, he was a very important person, he was with me in the best and worst moments of my life. I really admire him.”

Source: Folha

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