A Fazenda 15: Jenny Miranda is undecided about what her nomination for the farm will be; see her favorites


The tension in the fifth formation of Roça de A Fazenda 15 (Record) has already been clear in recent days. The Farmer of the week, Jenny Miranda, to the surprise of her allies, changed her opinion in the last few hours about who will be nominated during the live program this Tuesday (24), starting at 10:45 pm.

Initially, Jenny had let her friends believe that her vote would go to Cezar Black, given the strong rivalry between the two in the game and the constant disagreements. Furthermore, the influencer had stated that she would not nominate Kally Fonseca, due to her recent turmoil within the reality show.

Therefore, Lucas Souza was also on Fazendeira’s radar as a possible target, and she even expressed concern that the coach would face considerable rejection from the public if he ended up in Roça.

Unexpectedly, Jenny Miranda changed her nomination strategy and directed her choice to Jaquelline Grohalski and Kally herself. “My head is in total confusion, I don’t know who to vote for. I have two options: Jaque, Black, and now Kally is also on the list”, said Jenny, in a conversation with Lily Nobre this Tuesday.

In this dialogue, Lily advised her to reduce her options and make a firm decision, as Jenny had several competitor options to recommend. Believing that Lucas “will not leave” now, the queen of the week turned her thoughts to the other three pawns.

In a conversation with Radamés Furlan, Jenny mentioned a possible speech to justify Kally’s nomination: “It would even be for her own good, for her health, because she is harming herself”, she stated. For her friends Simioni and Lily, the Farmer confirmed, for now, her choice to nominate Kally, despite the changes in focus that have generated dissatisfaction among her allies.

Source: Folha

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