BBB 22: Boninho tries to shake participants and promises ‘hot week’


Boninho, director of Globo’s nucleus, used social networks this Wednesday (2) to anticipate what the third week of BBB 22 will be like. The person responsible for the attraction made a point of highlighting that the team is moving so that the reality show continues surprising the participants.

“Hot week at BBB”, he said. “We are preparing a leader test with consequences, an angel test with consequences and a little game of discord with that game of putting on your forehead what you think of him. I think it promises!”

“Furthermore [teremos] a different wall and with many open votes”, he added. “All for Tadeu Schmidt to have fun with our brothers.”

Many netizens saw the director’s speech as an attempt to tell the audience that the program continues to try to shake the participants, who have adopted a posture of “peace and love” within the confinement. Part of the public has been complaining about the doldrums inside the house, since there have not yet been major conflicts – unlike the first weeks of BBB 21.

This feeling, inside and outside the house, was accentuated with the departure of Rodrigo, who was eliminated on Tuesday (1st). The commercial manager from São Paulo was one of the few participants in this edition who openly declared being in the program to play.

Source: Folha

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