Fai Scordas was on his set for one more day My Style Rocksreplacing Dimitris Skoulos, who is ill.

Denise’s performance that wowed the judges and ultimately put her at the top of the rankings.

The most touching point of today’s episode happened when Emilia mentioned her old acquaintance with Fay Scordas in Make a wish.

Stelios Koudounaris was disappointed by the appearance of Apolleon, who was going to a bookstore-cafe.

Reactions were also raised by the appearance of Christianna, who dressed up to go to a party, with Georgia asking her “if she is coming to show her body”. At the same time Stelios Koudounaris told her that with this appearance she will catch a cold.

Of course, there were also hilarious moments:

Tension also prevailed between Mortasia and Dionysia after the appearance of the former.

See the impressive entrance of the judges and Faia Skordas

The entrance of the players