Celebrities mourn the death of Matthew Perry and fans pay tribute to the actor: ‘Eternal Chandler’


The death of actor Matthew Perry at the age of 54 quickly resonated on the internet this Saturday night (28). Celebrities and fans mourned the death of the actor, famous for playing Chandler Bing in “Friends.”

Tatá Werneck, Bruna Griphao, Pequena Lo, Kéfera Buchmann and Alice Wegmann are among the celebrities who expressed sadness over Perry’s death. Posts on social media reporting what had happened received floods of comments that mixed sadness and indignation.

“His book is impressive”, wrote actor Selton Mello, talking about “Friends, Love and That Terrible Thing”, a biography written by Perry that narrates his difficult relationship with drugs.

“No conditions to deal with this. None. I don’t know what to post, what to say, I’m at rock bottom”, commented Felipe Neto on X (formerly Twitter).

The cause of death was drowning, according to American police sources interviewed by the website TMZ. The actor’s body was reportedly found in the hot tub of his home in Los Angeles, United States.

“Your body goes, but your essence stays with us,” said a fan on the platform. Chandler was the favorite character of many Internet users who watched “Friends” and Perry’s importance was extolled on social media: “He brought joy to everyone around him. Forever our Chandler Bing.”

Celebrities mourn the death of Matthew Perry

Celebrities mourn the death of Matthew Perry

Source: Folha

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