The popular website recommends travelers who have chosen destinations in Turkey for the summer of 2024 to spend part of their vacation in Greece .

The travel website even mentions 16 Greek islands for tourists to include in their plans so that they can experience something different compared to the neighboring country.

The proposed destinations either have a direct connection to the coasts of Turkey, or are accessible via other Greek islands.

At the top of the proposed list are Leipsoi as the secret paradise of the Dodecanese.

They are followed by Astypalaia which offers wonderful Mediterranean escapes, the imposing Santorini, Naxos with its endless beaches and the impressive Mykonos. The list is completed by the wonderful Paros, Chios for spring holidays, Rhodes with its historical heritage, the beautiful Kos with its ancient monuments, Samos which fascinates with its natural beauty, the refined Patmos, the Kalymnos of climbing tourism, the picturesque Symi, Leros with its peaceful aura, the small but special Kastelorizo ​​and Lesvos with its activities and festivals.

Representatives of destinations on the list comment to APE on the completion of this year’s season:

The people of Lipsi win the bet of extroversion and lengthening the tourist season. September had cruise ship arrivals 11.7% higher than in 2022, while October also shows increased traffic compared to last year, according to the data so far. We aim at the modern traveler of Greece and abroad who is looking for an exotic paradise, an oasis of relaxation and at the same time a sustainable island. The Municipality, together with residents and professionals, constantly undertakes initiatives in order for the people of Leipsos to enhance the travel experience of the authentic, quality, affordable and innovative destination“, said the Mayor of Lipsi, Fotis Mangos.

Naxos set a record for cruise ship arrivals in at least a decade for both August and June, while in July the course was also on the rise. Overall for the summer quarter, the increase was 5.7% compared to 2022. Traffic remained at very good levels in September and October. The efforts of the Municipality, local bodies and professionals to strengthen the extroversion of the destination are paying off with the island of Ariadne becoming a pole of attraction for British, German, Austrian, Italian, French, American and travelers from many other markets“, pointed out the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades, Vangelis Katsaras.

Astypalaia had a significant increase in air arrivals throughout the period April – September compared to 2022 with a percentage of more than 20%. Our differentiation is found in the new vacation model we promote that “marries” authenticity with sustainability and traditions with the future. It justifies us that our message of quality experiences is increasingly resonating with travelers abroad“, said the Mayor of Astypalaia, Nikos Komineas.