A Fazenda 15: ‘It shouldn’t have been on stage’, analyzes Rachel Sheherazade about fight with Jenny Miranda


Expelled from “A Fazenda 15” for threatening Jenny Miranda’s integrity two weeks ago, Rachel Sheherazade once again spoke about the controversy within the Record reality show. During the first episode of her program ‘Fala, Sheherazade’, on the Kwai app, the journalist said she was afraid of the influencer and explained in detail what had happened before the confusion between the two participants in the attraction.

“Before my expulsion happened, when that fight with Jenny happened, I said this to Lucas Souza: ‘I need to apologize to my audience’. I don’t get involved in that type of discussion. My discussions are with words , with arguments”, began Sheherazade

The former worker then continued about the fight with Jenny: “What dominated me at that moment was fear, fear of being attacked. When you are threatened, what do you do? You react. It was an attempt to defend yourself”, explained Rachel , who still regrets putting his hands on the participant’s face to this day.

“I shouldn’t have given stage to an aggressive person, to a person who appears on the screen like that, who doesn’t know how to dialogue, who doesn’t know how to argue. I had to defend myself. I would like to apologize”, said the journalist. Rachel also said that she tries to process all the criticism she received for accepting the invitation to participate in the reality show.

The former SBT employee also said that switching to entertainment was an old dream. “I would like to have made this transition a long time ago. Like Ana Paula Padrão did, like Fátima Bernardes and Patrícia Poeta did. I really wanted to lend my credibility to entertainment. I’m loving this transition”, concluded Sheherazade.

Source: Folha

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