Luísa Sonza speaks for the first time about a case of racism: ‘I had a lot of difficulty understanding’


Luísa Sonza spoke out about having been the target of racism allegations in 2018 and admitted her guilt in the episode of racial discrimination. The singer stated that she had difficulty understanding the error and had to study structural racism.

That year, in a hotel in Fernando de Noronha, Luísa asked lawyer Isabel Macedo de Jesus, who was on vacation in the same place, to bring her a glass of water. A year later, the lawyer filed a lawsuit against the singer. At the time, she denied the accusation, but, in 2022, she decided to admit having been racist in a statement on social media, which she did again this Friday (3).

In an interview with Bianca Della Fancy’s YouTube channel, Luísa recalled the episode after the drag queen said that the subject would continue to come up if the singer did not take a public stance. She then explained why, until then, she hadn’t spoken about the accusation: “I don’t have to be in a place to justify it.” “I made a mistake, I fulfilled it, I did what I could, I do what I can.”

The artist said it took her a while to understand that she had been racist: “I had a lot of difficulty understanding it at first, because I was a white person and didn’t experience it firsthand.” I had to really study and understand deeply.” She said she had read works by Djamila Ribeiro, a columnist for Sheet, and Minister Silvio Almeida.

Luísa said that she decided not to speak out until she really understood the issue and became an anti-racist person. “It was a very long process. You can’t do it overnight. I really wish I had learned this sooner.”

In August of this year, Luísa reached an agreement with Isabel Macedo to end the process. The amount of compensation was not revealed.

Source: Folha

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