Discreet on the networks, Valentina Herszage says she is learning from blogger Cris from ‘Elas por Elas’


Maria Paula Giacomelli

Valentina Herszage (according to her, it read Erssage) is a relatively new face on television, but, at 25 years old, she has established herself in the field. She appeared for the first time in the medium in 2017, in the soap opera “Pega Pega” and, since then, she has been in the cast of three other Globo serials, in addition to playing Hebe Camargo in the 2019 series “Hebe”.

His most recent venture is the remake of “Elas Por Elas”, currently occupying the 6pm slot, starring blogger Cris. Nothing could be further from the actress, who, although more recently she has started to become more active on social media, is quite sober on digital media. In conversation with the F5she claims that the character influenced her to find a cool side on the internet.

“I know that actors love to say that the characters are different, but Cris is really different. I’m a much more discreet person, I’ve always been very calm and I’ve never had this anxiety about posting and being seen”, she says. “But this rapprochement with the public has been really cool.”

The publications are made out of the desire to share a cool moment, without pressure or commitment, something that has taken away your sleep in the past. “There are a lot of people who say ‘you should post more, you could make more money’, in the past I suffered from this. Now, I feel like I own myself, I really share because I want to.”

Although the plot is not exploding in audience — until October, “Elas por Elas” had an average of 16.5 audience points in Greater São Paulo (each point is equivalent to 207 thousand individuals) —, Valentina celebrates the discussion that its nucleus can cause. Her character is fatphobic towards her sister, played by actress Castorine, and makes a point of talking about her appearance at every opportunity.

“It’s difficult for me as an actress, but at the same time, it has a social function because she is the person that many people have at home”, says Valentina. “So it’s cool that we have this debate within the plot to develop outside of it as well.”

In addition to the current soap opera, the actress can also be seen weekly in the series “Fim”, on Globoplay. The production is based on the book of the same name by Fernanda Torres. As a good Pisces (as she defines herself), the actress lives on possible dreams and, for her, being in productions with such important names in Brazilian television — the cast includes Fabio Assunção, Marjorie Estiano and Débora Falabella, among others — helps her build your confidence that wasn’t always there.

“I started when I was 15, I think that, at my age, there are few people who have done the same amount of productions. I feel like I’ve been building a very unique trajectory and leading it with a lot of love and dedication. Little by little I’m painting this picture.”

Source: Folha

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