A Fazenda 15: Henrique Martins, Jaquelline Grohalski and Lucas Souza are on the farm; vote in the poll


Henrique Martins, Jaquelline Grohalski and Lucas Souza are on the farm and are competing to stay in A Fazenda 15 (Record). One of the three participants will be one of those eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (9). Yuri Meirelles won the farmer’s test and saved himself from the spotlight.

Henrique Martins, Jaquelline Grohalski and Yuri Meirelles were nominated in the vote this Tuesday (7) and faced each other in the challenge of the day. Lucas was already in the field as he had been nominated in a special Power of the Flame dynamic.

In the farmer’s test, held this Wednesday (8), the trio needed skill and luck. The first phase of the test was divided into three stages: in each of them, the objective was to find in the “Aurora Labyrinth” the products that were part of a snack table, lunch and, then, the barbecue. The product images were represented on cards with specific colors and the competitors needed to place them on the stands at each station. In this part, Yuri came first, receiving 150 points; Henrique second, 100; and Jaquelline in third, 50.

After completing the mission, the trio moved on to the second phase: the pedestrians were challenged in a knowledge test about the brand’s products, worth extra points. After the end of this stage, the pedestrians had the following scores: Yuri (250), Henrique (200) and Jaquelline (150).

To conclude, the third and final phase required the player to choose three cards from the products on their bench and reveal how many points each of them was worth. This amount was added to the pawn’s score already achieved throughout the challenge. The participant with the most points became the new Farmer: Yuri was the winner, as he was drawn in the tiebreaker. He tied with Henrique by recording 1050, while Jaquelline reached 950.

The farmer of the week will have the right to send a pawn directly to the field in the formation of the next hot spot. The official vote for the country is carried out on the R7 website, and asks the viewer to choose who they want to follow in the reality show.

Source: Folha

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