New adventures awaited the Celebrities in Agios Dominicos this week!

A… ligour of Giorgos Lianos and the burger that Kalomira prepared for him with her little hands brought the inspiration for the competition that decided the team that will go to the good and the bad camp. But before the start of the match, the leader of the Yellow team Tasos Xiarchos made a secret agreement with Nikos Vamvakoulas and appointed him the leader of the Green team.

Minutes before the captains chose the players to compete a new Celebrity jumped into the void and found himself in the Green team and he is none other than Patrick Ogunsotho. The Yellow team protested that all the new players join the opponents. The first round showed a draw and then Giorgos Heimonetos from Kitrini and BO from Prasini faced each other with Giorgos scoring right on target and keeping his team in the good camp with an additional provision of the daily serving… burger!

However, the return to the camps was not very pleasant since an overflow of the river led to their temporary evacuation. The next morning the two teams returned to their base with several items, but the river has taken them! Several did not hesitate to associate Patrick’s arrival with bad luck…
The charity game brought a new test for Emilia, Panos and Tasso from the Yellow team and Patrick, Maria, Bo and Ioanna from the Green team. The Celebrities had to pass a key tied to a rope through 7 consecutive boxes and open the eighth with the key thereby adding 7,000 euros to the charity. The contestants succeeded and the total amount reached 30,600 euros.

An extra secret mission was waiting for Angeliki Iliadis who had to put on a device that makes… strange sounds and roam around the camp with it without the players of the other teams understanding her. Then Tasos Xiarchos became her ally in this. The two of them succeeded and brought pizza for everyone!

The next charity challenge was at night and put Angeliki and Maria inside a haunted, floating house to search for 10 stars and then make a daring leap into the void. The two Celebrities succeeded by raising the total amount in the piggy bank for the reforestation of Together We Can to 36,600 euros.

Some items lost by Giorgos Lianos and Kalomira were brought to the jungle dump by Ioanna Lili and Nikos Vamvakoulas from the Green team and Giorgos Heimonetos and Angeliki Iliadis from Kitrini. Each team had to discover 10 pairs of objects for a major prize. The draw that the two teams managed brought the decision to share the prize which was a crate of packaged food! The hard part came back to camp as to how the split would be done with the players arguing over how.
Just before the departure process, the… cooking continued.

Finally, Tasos Xiarchos saved Giorgos Heimonetos, who in turn supported Panos Kalidis. He gave his positive vote to Maria Kalavria who helped her friend Ioanna Lili. Ioanna supported Nikos Anadiotis who brought BO to safe ground. The rapper chose to give new member of the Green team Patrick Ogunsotho a chance. Emilia Vodos, Angeliki Iliadis and Nikos Vamvakoulas took part in the exit test. Emilia couldn’t take it anymore and shouted the catchphrase “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!” leaving the game. Nikos Vamvakoulas was the second to shout the same sentence with Angeliki Iliadis automatically taking the captaincy of the Yellow team.

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.20