BBB 22: Piovani says he doesn’t believe Scooby will win the reality show


Actress Luana Piovani, 45, was on the Tete a Théo channel, by actor Theodoro Cochrane, and, in an interview, commented on her ex-husband, surfer Pedro Scooby, 33, on Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo), and also spoke about the reason for the breakup of the two.

She says that, despite rooting for Scooby, she doesn’t believe he will win the reality show. “I think it’s an extremely dangerous program. It has to do with editing, with directing, because the direction that makes the heroes and the scoundrels, of course, based on real behavior. And he’s still quite impulsive.”

“He has a lot of charisma, he’s fun, light, he’ll bring humor to the show. Sometimes issues are put on the agenda that it’s better for people to shut up and people don’t shut up”, continued the actress. “But I want him to win, to get rich and, more and more, to give possibilities to my children.”

“May it create more sense, more responsibility. I’m optimistic, I believe that age and maturity improve us a lot”, added she, who has three children with the surfer, Dom, 9, and twins Bem and Liz, 5.

Piovani also recalled the reason for the end of the two, in March 2019, after about 8 years together. “We have a very good relationship. What happens is that he leaves a lot to be desired in terms of commitment. That’s a fact. Even, on a scale from zero to 10, 12, that’s why I broke up”, he explained.

She claims she talked about a lot of their fights on the Internet as a way to get Scooby to take action. “I say it, first because I can, second because I feel like it, third because it solves it. It’s just embarrassing myself. If I call him, he’ll say ‘hey, sorry’.”

Cochrane, son of presenter Marília Gabriela, also questioned the actress about her relationships with names like Paulinho Vilhena, Selton Mello and Rodrigo Hilbert. “I got a lot,” Piovani said. “Rico Mansur, João Paulo Diniz… Did you have a faction of millionaires?”, joked the actor.

“I would have caught all the millionaires before. On the contrary, 80% of the time I was paying the bills and the trips”, replied Piovani, who also commented on her relationship with actor Rodrigo Santoro, which ended when she was caught kissing with businessman Christiano Rangel in the box at a Carnival.

The actress denied abuse of the artist during the engagement, and said that at the time, because she was young, she let herself be “crucified” after the betrayal. “Today, with this information we have, we can understand the manipulation of others. But we start life young, we don’t know anything.”

“The smartest one dominates. I don’t see myself in the right place to say if it was abusive or not. It was an exchange relationship. What I think was abusive was the way they crucified me [pela traição]. And I let myself be crucified, because I was too young. If it was today, I would have a beer and laugh, but I was 21 years old,” he added.

Source: Folha

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