A Fazenda 15: ‘If we hit Pôr do Sol with all the dynamics, we’re going to get screwed’, warns Cezar Black


The elimination of Henrique Martins from A Fazenda 15 left Cezar Black worried. In conversation with Radamés Furlan this Friday afternoon (10), he analyzed the result of the hot seat and the two began to discuss the dynamics for the coming weeks. “This closeness with the cubs was rubbish! This closeness. Why does it put me in a position of taking my foot off a little, trying to weigh my hand less. That’s terrible for me”, began the pedestrian.

The ex-BBB remembered the affection he feels for Lilly. “I created a loving relationship with her. I’m also close to Ton and Yuri. Before, I didn’t have this camaraderie”, he pointed out. He then commented that from now on he will rethink how he will position himself against his rivals in the game.

“Today I think twice about taking a stand. Unfortunately, the game is cruel and we have to take a more and more stand if we want to stay, and we won’t be able to choose two sides in the dynamics”, he assessed.

Black considered it dangerous to focus only on Pôr do Sol’s rivals. “If we hit Pôr do Sol’s key in every dynamic, we’re going to be screwed. If they are closer to the public…”, he added and Radamés agreed with the nurse’s assessment.

Source: Folha

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