Ivana Trump’s mansion in the prestigious Upper East Side of Manhattan, in New York, has remained unsold since last November.

Four months after the sudden death of Donald Trump’s ex-wife (in July 2022) her children, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. Trump, put up for sale six floors residence of 8,800 square meters for $26 million.

As no buyer was found, they reduced the price by $4 million in September.

The six-story “palace” is now for sale for $22 million but remains “unclaimed.”

According to the American media, the reason is probably that the most luxurious house “sold as is, furnished”which discourages prospective buyers.

The heirs did not make any renovations to the house, nor did they even empty it of its furniture and personal belongings.

Ivana Trump house

Ivana Trump house

The house is full of gold fixtures, paintings, murals, leopard-covered furniture and photos of the Trump family on the walls, and plush red tapestries and carpeting throughout – things obviously useless to a new tenant.


In fact, according to the broker who has taken over the sale, J. Roger Erickson, “the house is like Louis VI would live if he had money – very beautiful, very French, reminiscent of Versailles.”

Ivana Trump house

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