Jojo Todynho says that attacks on white women have more repercussions: ‘For black women, things are much more difficult’


Singer Jojo Todynho addressed the disparity in the impact of cases of violence against women, highlighting the prevalence of media attention on incidents involving white women compared to the experiences of black women. At the center of his argument, Jojo cited the example of Patricia Ramos, who denounced her ex-husband, Diogo Vitório, for domestic violence.

In the video shared this Monday (13), Jojo Todynho contextualizes his vision, using the case of Ana Hickmann as an example. “What happened to Ana Hickmann was a great learning experience for you to understand that life is not a margarine and for you to stop believing and idealizing everything you see out there. It’s funny that Ana’s issue reverberated in a surreal way and Patrícia’s didn’t” , she said. For us black women, things are much more difficult. ‘Ah, Jojo, are you justified? Because I have to justify myself. Wake up to life, I’m a black woman.”

Jojo emphasizes the stigma that black women face, refuting the idea of ​​victimization and highlighting that her intention is not to position herself as a victim, but rather to highlight the additional difficulties faced by black women in similar situations.

“And people think it’s mimimi, that we are victimizing ourselves. I wasn’t born to be a victim (…) Patrícia is being condemned for exposing a situation that she was experiencing and that she did to alert many women. Then there was commotion for Ana, but not for Patrícia”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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