Ifigenia Karamitrou, despite whatever eases or difficulties have come her way, she chooses to take slow and steady steps. The same, who this year plays the Liana Pantheou in SKAI’s period drama series, “The Pantheons”speaks exclusively to skai.gr about her journey so far and the elements that piqued her interest in the said series. Also, it refers to the developments that we will soon see and to her theatrical plans…

-How would you describe your journey in the world of acting from the day you graduated from the Drama School of the National Theater until today?

Graduating from the Drama School was like a second coming of age for me, that from the safe and protected environment I found myself in a difficult and demanding workplace. The journey since then has had many beautiful moments, but also many difficulties and rejections, an integral part of the profession of an actor. Certainly, during the journey so far, the prism through which I perceive and deal with my profession has changed drastically.

-What criteria do you use to choose each collaboration?

I am always interested in the team and the people I will be working with, if the project is interesting, the role is enticing and has a path with a beginning – middle – end… But mostly the people.

-Did you also find the above data in the telecast of “Panthea” through the frequency of SKAI?

The television adaptation of “Pantheos”, in addition to being based on the excellent novel by Tasos Athanasiadis, deals with a historical moment extremely pivotal not only for the country, but for the whole of Europe, which I am very interested in, the role of Liana Pantheou, who I play , is multi-dimensional and with a very interesting development in the flow of the story. Of course, the most important thing of all, as I said before, is the people and it is a great pleasure to be next to such excellent colleagues and contributors.

-What is the biggest difficulty you have to face in this particular collaboration in terms of your role and the demands that such a large production can hide?

A series that airs on an almost daily basis has difficulty in terms of pace and speed of filming as times are limited. Another challenge is adapting to the historical context of the time, as for us it is the past, but for the characters it is the present.

Ifigenia Karamitrou

-At what points do you “meet” Liana Pantheou, who you play?

Liana is a character that I quite admire at some points. We meet the moments when she kicks or reacts when they try to impose something on her that she doesn’t want. If we reflect on how different the position of women was at that time, we come across ideas that had not yet been socially articulated.

– Now, how easy is it to maintain the balance in the Pantheos family and especially yours (Vetas – Fanis)?

I will borrow the beginning of the novel “Anna Karenina” by Tolstoy and say that “All happy families are alike. Every unhappy family, however, is unhappy in its own way.”

-In the upcoming episodes of the series, we see the wedding of Liana and Gazi approaching and her getting more and more suffocated. Will they reach the steps of the church or is another Liana revolution in store?

I can’t reveal the sequel, but what I can say is that all of us are sometimes faced with decisions that are not easy to make and require smaller or larger sacrifices.

Ifigenia Karamitrou

-What will be Thomas’ reaction to what is happening?

What is certain is that he is not happy about the impending marriage of his cousin.

-Tasos Athanasiadis’s masterpiece novel was written many years ago, but to a certain extent it “touches” today’s issues. What do you think they are?

The novel touches on a wide range of social issues, some of which are still relevant today. Class differences, marriage, the position of women, politics, the family…

Ifigenia Karamitrou

-What are your other professional plans?

As far as the theater is concerned, May will find me in New York, where I will be performing in the show directed by Ioli Andreasi for The Tank Theater in Manhattan, while I am participating as an actor in the chamber opera “Charlotte: lips sing when they cannot… kiss” by Lina Zaharis, directed by Roula Paterakis, details of which will be announced soon. In addition to these, another show directed by Cesaris Grouzinis is in the works, information about which I am not yet in a position to share.

Ifigenia Karamitrou

Ifigenia Karamitrou